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Consulting & Project Management

Introducing TT-Sec Global Consulting, the ultimate partner for mastering accreditation and access control in large-scale events. Organizing major events often involves navigating challenges such as a lack of experienced personnel, limited budgets, scarce resources, and managing big venues with numerous access points. TT-Sec addresses these complexities with precision and expertise, offering tailored solutions that cater to events of all sizes. Whether you’re struggling with understanding crowd flow, developing secure accreditation systems, or coordinating access control across a sprawling site, TT-Sec provides the comprehensive support you need.

Our services encompass detailed site surveys, data-driven crowd flow analysis, and custom-designed accreditation systems that ensure efficient and secure access management. From sourcing skilled on-site personnel to managing the deployment of accreditation tools and coordinating with security teams, TT-Sec covers every aspect of access control. Even with limited resources and no prior knowledge of security measures, TT-Sec steps in as your trusted partner, transforming potential vulnerabilities into strengths. With TT-Sec Global Consulting, you gain a dedicated ally committed to the seamless and professional execution of your event’s access and accreditation needs, ensuring a successful and secure experience from start to finish.

What we offer

Security Event Survey

Comprehensive assessments to evaluate and optimize the security requirements of your event.

Data Capture Requirements

Collection and analysis of critical data to inform effective crowd flow and access management strategies.

Accreditation Deployment Design and Implementation

Customized plans for deploying secure accreditation systems and operations tailored to your event's specific needs.

Coordination with Security Apparatus

Seamless integration with security teams to ensure synchronized and efficient access control operations.

Sourcing of Consumables

Procurement of necessary materials and supplies to support the accreditation and access control process.

Sourcing of Skilled On-Site Staff

Recruitment and re-training of experienced personnel to manage and operate access control systems on the ground.

Onsite Operations & Strategy

Strategic planning and execution of on-site access control and accreditation to ensure smooth event operations.