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ESS Crew

Planning a large-scale event often involves grappling with time-consuming recruitment, managing a high volume of staff, intricate logistics, and tight budget constraints. Enter ESS Crew, our AI-driven software designed to transform these challenges into manageable tasks. ESS Crew automates and streamlines the hiring process, effortlessly handling large candidate pools and diverse roles. With its sophisticated scheduling and assignment tools, it simplifies the logistical complexities of event staffing, ensuring every role is perfectly aligned and every shift is seamlessly coordinated.

Beyond recruitment and logistics, ESS Crew offers clear visibility into your staffing budget, empowering you to plan and manage expenses with precision. By integrating all these functions into a single, intuitive platform, ESS Crew allows you to focus on creating memorable events without the administrative headaches. With ESS Crew, you’re equipped to efficiently orchestrate your event’s staffing from start to finish, ensuring both operational excellence and financial clarity.

ESS CREW Features


Receive onboarding training, set up your program, and tailor the system to your needs.


Streamline communication between all staff members on one platform.

Event Resource Planning

Identify the objectives and requirements for your event.

Human Resource Planning

Calculate the manpower required for your event and budget accordingly. 


Find CVs from the internal database, advertise positions internally and extrnally, collect resumes, conduct interviews, select, hire, and train applicants.

Event Execution

Assign roles and responsibilities to team members, implement the event plan, and open communication channels.

Facility Management

Manage facilities and their access.

Performance Management

Monitor attendance, amend schedules, assign team members to specific areas, and coordinate activities.

Compensation Management

Manage payouts, benefits, attendance, and payroll.

Employee Self-Service (User Interfaces iOS, Android, Web App)

Clock in/out from work and access schedule, inbox, leave requests, and more.

Incident and Feedback Management

Report/manage incidents and allocate resources to resolve these.