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ESS & ESS Venues

ESS: Event Security Solutions

ESS is flexible and adaptive in nature, making it easy to integrate with our client’s existing software and completely tailor the system to the needs of the client and venue. ESS is suitable for both stand-alone-, multi-venue-, and multi-day events. ESS is not only meant to enhance the security levels of a venue or event but is also meant to make the entire accreditation process more efficient—saving time and minimizing hassle.

ESS Venues: Event Security Solutions Venues

Aside from event accreditation, we at TT-SEC Global also offer corporate and venue accreditation which comes with its own software: ESS Venues—designed for long-term security solutions. Suitable for venues such as stadiums, power plants, arenas, or other high-risk, high-traffic properties. ESS Venues ensures that your day-to-day operations run safely and efficiently while managing full-time staff.

What are the features?

Easy and fast event set-up

ESS shows you exactly what you need to do when securing your venue and managing third parties and staff. It will help you set up your event easily.

Mass upload of data

Once you have defined who has access rights to specific zones in your access matrix, you can monitor and control the crowd flow and areas entered with this app.

organization and quota management

ESS has the option to limit the number of individuals each organization can register, controlling how many people are allowed to have access to the venue.

collection module

With this, you can track when and by whom a badge was collected. For badges sent through e-mail, you can activate the barcode when they enter for security purposes.

F&B access management

You have the option to allocate, monitor and record the F&B consumption of staff and suppliers.

email communication suite

This feature streamlines the communication between third parties, organizers, management, and staff.

bulk update of information

You are able to find and update historical data, reports, analytics, third-party registrations, and much more.

Full time employee central database

ESS venue allows to identify full time and event specific staff allowing the allocation of full time staff to an event with a few clicks.

customizable contact search module

You can now easily select the fields in which you would like to conduct your search.

Notification Suite

You can now be notified when applications statuses are changed.

Event accreditation

When planning an event, you have to ensure that your property is secure and everyone involved remains safe. And that’s where we come in. Our solutions are designed to manage your security effectively and easily. We offer you complete visibility, so you know exactly where your suppliers, media, contractors, staff, and visitors are at any given moment. You control their access points with the latest tools. What’s more? Our applications make the process of registration and data collection of all visitors simple yet effective. We offer customized and turn-key services, whether your event has 15 or 100,000 people attending.

Corporate accreditation

Not planning an event but want to keep your property protected? Whether you run a high-security business, a power plant, or a refinery, we’re here to help.
Our systems will be integrated with yours to ensure that your data and property remain secure long-term.

Application management

Our trained and experienced team is more than happy to offer:

  • A customized security strategy & approach
  • Guidance throughout the process
  • Training & support to ensure all goes according to plan

Accounts & groups management

TT-Sec’s systems and applications are designed to simplify dealing with suppliers and third parties by:

  • Allowing for easy registration of suppliers.
  • Securely storing their documents and history.
  • Creating individual accounts for each supplier with a point of contact.
  • Defining zones, application types, access points & individual privileges.
  • Allocating passes based on the defined access permissions & restrictions per supplier.
  • Real-time monitoring of submissions & approvals.

When setting up ESS & ESS Venues, the process typically looks like this.