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Events and venues face a complex challenge in effectively managing access control. Ensuring that the right individuals can access the appropriate areas at the correct times is critical for the smooth operation of any event. This task becomes even more daunting when considering the diverse roles and needs of the numerous individuals involved, from staff and vendors to VIPs and general attendees. Each group may have different access requirements, adding layers of complexity to the process.

To address these multifaceted issues, a robust and efficient solution is required—one that streamlines processes and enhances overall event management. ESS GO is such a solution. ESS Go allows event organizers to add mobile scanning points, which integrate directly with the ESS accreditation platform. This capability ensures that access control can be managed dynamically and on the go, providing the flexibility needed for large, complex events.

ESS GO Features

Digital pass verification

Scan and access the site

Digital and visual ID verification

Scanning allows security staff to visually confirm identity of pass holder

Privilege and access verification

ESS Go shows all the privileges and areas allowed to pass holder

Comprehensive access control reports

ESS can generate reports collected through ESS Go

Instant overview of all access activities

Check all access data as it happens

Enhanced Security Protocols

Incorporates advanced encryption and secure data handling to protect vehicle pass information from unauthorized access.