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ESS Media

Introducing ESS Media, a revolutionary tool designed to streamline and optimize your event’s media management. Handling media relations for high-profile or high-traffic events can be overwhelming, with the need to coordinate across multiple media outlets, manage numerous access requests, and cater to diverse types of media. The ESS Media Portal addresses these challenges head-on by offering a sophisticated, integrated system that brings all your media-related tasks into a single, intuitive platform.

The ESS Media portal connects seamlessly with media professionals, making it easy to manage press accreditation, distribute media passes, and organize access for different events and restricted content. Whether you’re dealing with print journalists, broadcasters, or online influencers, the portal simplifies the distribution of passes and permissions, ensuring each type of media outlet receives the appropriate access. This cohesive approach not only streamlines the logistics of media management but also enhances the coordination and visibility of your event. With ESS Media Portal, you have a powerful, centralized tool to efficiently manage every aspect of media relations, contributing significantly to the overall success and coverage of your event.

ESS MEDIA Features

Custom Configuration

Receive onboarding, set up your program, and tailor the system to your needs.


This portal can easily be integrated with your main ESS software, allowing you to manage your system even more efficiently.

Media Application

Media professionals can create their own accounts on the platform. Through it, they can customize their profile, apply for multiple events, send requests, upload all the necessary documentation, and track their status.

Account Management

Access all applications to approve or reject them, monitor their status, and communicate with media professionals. You can create their schedules and also determine which events they get to see.

Access Control

Grant controlled access; this can be tailored to each individual or group.

Content Management

Upload your logos, news, documents, schedules and more.

Dedicated Interface

Make the portal your own. Brand it using your colors and guidelines. Add your organization’s logo and your event logos to personalize each page.