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Our innovative app streamlines the process of gaining access to your work area at venues and events. Once registered and approved, you’ll receive an email to download the app. Simply sign in, follow the on-screen instructions, and you’ll have your event-related details and a unique QR code right on your phone. This QR code acts as your digital pass, allowing seamless entry to designated areas without the need for physical cards or passes. By eliminating the reliance on plastic access cards, the app supports sustainability efforts, reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional event management practices.


Designed with full-time and recurring staff in mind, such as those working in arenas, stadiums, and other permanent venues, the app addresses common challenges like high turnover and the inconvenience of losing physical passes. The digital solution not only cuts down on printing costs but also simplifies access control, making it ideal for environments with frequent changes in visitors, guests, and personnel. With our app, you gain a convenient, eco-friendly way to manage venue access, promoting a greener, more efficient event experience.

ESS PASS Features

Digital QR Code Access

Instantly receive and display a unique QR code on your phone for streamlined entry into event areas.

Sustainability Focus

Reduces plastic waste and carbon footprint associated with traditional access cards.

User-Friendly Registration

Easy sign-up process via email approval, followed by app download and login.

Ideal for Full-Time and Recurring Staff

Tailored for venues like arenas and stadiums with high turnover.

Cost-Efficient Printing Alternative

Eliminates expenses related to printing and distributing physical passes.