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Security solutions you can trust

Security solutions you can trust Security solutions you can trust

Security solutions
that work

What do we do?

With our easy-to-use accreditation systems, our team of experts will offer tailored solutions that fit the security needs of your event or property.

What does that mean?

Our software and tools are designed to easily register and monitor all involved parties at an event, give controlled access, and manage crowd flow.

Why need accreditation systems?

With the increase in security threats, whether it be related to health, terrorism, cyber or otherwise, it's never been more vital to take precautions.

Why work with us?

Because we will provide you with the proper software, training, and support to ensure that your event or property is safe and secure at all times.



Need software, guidance, training, installation, on-site management, badge production, and more for your next event? We can offer you full or partial support from start to finish.


You don't need to be a tech genius to use our software. No special IT background is required. We will install it and guide you through it. You'll get the hang of it in no time.


We understand that you probably have your own systems set in place. That's why our solutions are designed to easily integrate with your programs to avoid unnecessary hassles.


We adapt our services and software to fit your needs, resources, and budget. Our solutions are scalable and flexible, thus right for any type of event or venue — local or global.


We have provided our services in multiple cities across 13 different countries. Our team is scattered all over the world to be able to accommodate you, wherever you may be.


After decades of working within the field, we are more than equipped to set you up with a tailored accreditation plan. We offer consulting, software, training and more!


We have worked with international clients in all kinds of industries, including sports, music, fashion and art —securing high-risk venues, events, and festivals of all scales.


Over a 100,000 people have successfully been registered, vetted, monitored, and protected at our clients' venues despite the presence of significant challenges and threats.

"We have been using ESS for a year now for all our events and so far our experience has been great. The dashboard gives us an overview of the stages of the applications. We specifically enjoyed using the mobile application ESSgo as the on-ground team and venue managers could review applications on the go! We recommend TT-Sec and ESS for companies looking for a comprehensive accreditation solution."

FELIX LENA Sr Manager National Competition - CONCACAF

"We have been using ESS since early 2021 for all our major events. The system provided a streamlined accreditation experience at every event, even when our requirements were complex. The on-site team of consultants, accreditation managers, and the remote team have been extremely supportive and attended to our needs with full professionalism and a can-do attitude. Overall, our experience with ESS has been great!"

HISHAM AL DUHAISH, HSE, Accreditation Manager NEC

"ESS was easy for us to use from the very start. Our project had its challenges as we had to relocate to different countries twice due to COVID. Within two weeks, we were up and running in Brazil! We could not do the same with our previous system which only had basic features which were limiting. We're really impressed with the flexibility ESS provided and the ongoing support from the TT-Sec team."

INAKI ALVAREZ Director of Operations - CONMEBOL


We are fortunate enough to have been able to work with some of the most impressive clients in the world. Together, we have kept thousands of people safe, properties secure and data protected while successfully running large scale events.